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How will the impending Global Hubbert Peak impact various key countries and regions? Follow the links for more information about the national and regional implications of the impending Global Oil Crisis.

Country by Country Data
Trends of production and consumption in several key nations as of the end of 2003, based on BP data reported in 2004. China and Indonesia are no longer net exporters. The UK will soon follow suit.
World Crude Oil Production interpretations based on data from the Department of Energy
Per capita energy consumption and production vs. consumption for selected countries, derived from CIA reports

Per capita electricity consumption, UN member countries [xls] from United Nations Development Programme Human Development Indicators 2003

Plots of oil production, peak and decline, country-by-country

National Impacts
Australia: Australians drive about as many miles as Americans and Canadians (the other two large countries most wed to the car). The difference? Less military clout, small oil reserves.
Bolivia: The prospect of a natural gas pipeline through Chile caused the president to lose his job in October 2003.
China: An oil exporter until 1993, China recently out-bid all other competitors for heavy oil licenses in Venezuela by a wide margin. The rapidly growing economy is paying highest prices in the global arena to assure its oil supply, and raising the ante for other players.
Ecuador: Oil pollution fears ...
Indonesia, the only East Asian member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, became a net crude-oil importer early this year after domestic production fell sharply following several years with little fresh investment in exploration and production. [2004 October 5]
Mexico: There is a saying in Argentina: "Tan cerca de Diós, tan lejos de los Estados Unidos" -- "So close to God, so far from the United States." In Mexico it is said, "Tan cerca de los Estados Unidos, tan lejos de Diós." Mexico is nearing its peak in oil production; there is turmoil in Chiapas where oil exploitation is the hidden story in the conflict. Are reserves as secure as reported?
Morocco: Morocco Strikes Black Gold! A country with no oil of its own, Morocco has discovered substantial crude and gas deposits. Will Morocco join the club of oil-producing countries? Oil and gas discovered in Morocco for the first time? Yes, as King Mohammed VI confirmed in a speech to the nation on Sunday August 20th, adding that the find "was good-quality and abundant."
Nigeria: ABUJA, Aug 4, 2000 (AFP) - Unrest in Nigeria's oil producing region has cut oil production by Royal Dutch/Shell group by 250,000 barrels per day, the Shell country managing director said Friday.
Norway: Second only to Saudi Arabia in oil exports, this nation of 4 million people consumes only 7% of its production. Awash in oil revenue and active in aid to developing countries, Norway is extracting over 5% of its reserves every year. With many major fields in decline, the joy ride isn't going to last much longer. What then? "Isn't it good, Norwegian wood?"
Saudi Arabia: Blessed with the richest oil reserves of any nation and deeply in debt. How can this be?
Sweden: The environmentally progressive Scandinavian nation has announced one of its most ambitious goals yet: to completely end its dependency on petroleum - and do it by 2020.
Syria: This report on Syria from the Energy Information Administration states that Syria's oil production peaked in 1996, and that they could become a net importer by 2005. This in itself is not surprising. The surprise is that a US government agency is reporting how a country may be shifting from exporter to importer a few short years from now. How many other countries have a similar profile?
United Kingdom: The British share this large reserve with Norway, consuming about 65% of their production while exporting about 70% of production. How do they get it to add up to more than 100%? One of the largest oil producers, Britain is also a major importer. What happens to 60 million people when production declines over the next decade?
United States of America
Key Regions
Africa: Africa Oil Industry FactsEnergy in Africa (US EIA) [large: 3.165 mb, PDF]Africa at Night
Caspian Sea: Many actors with conflicting interests
North Sea: See "The Impact of Declining Major North Sea Oil Fields upon Future North Sea Production," by Roger Blanchard. There are important similarities and important differences between the Norwegian and British interests in the North Sea. Britain, with over 60 million people, and Norway, with 4 million people, are both extracting oil so fast that severe depletion within the next decade is nearly inevitable. The implications, especially upon British society, are profound.
South America: See "Petroleum Positions of Brazil and Venezuela." These countries represent the extremes in Latin America -- Venezuela as exporter with small domestic consumption, Brazil with consumption far exceeding its production.
OffShore (in General): See OffShore Technology website.

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