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This website is intended to provide sound technical information, not to promote a political agenda. In this section we post information from time to time which addresses the political debate in a way that is perceived to be useful for our readership to better interpret the significance of the scientific documentation provided here.

International Political Commentaries

As Energy Prices Rise, It's All Downhill for Democracy, by Thomas L. Friedman, Op-Ed Columnist  2006 May 5 
"I call it the "First Law of Petropolitics," and it posits the following: The price of oil and the pace of freedom always move in opposite directions in petro-ist states."

Political Commentaries in or about the USA

Nobel Prize Winner Harold Pinter speaks about the USA  2005 December 10 

Did Oil or Money Influence America's Plans for War with Iraq and Afghanistan?. Some think so.  Ongoing 

Energy Platforms of USA Presidential Candidates in 2004

Candidate Howard Dean's Energy PolicyA Progressive Plan for Renewable Energy  2003 October 21 

Lights Out On Deregulation by Dennis Kucinich  2003 August 

Energy Gridlock, with guest USA Secretary Of Energy Spencer Abraham, from John Mclaughlin's "One On One" -- Broadcast: Weekend Of December 6-7, 2003 Taped:  2003 December 4 

"MR. MCLAUGHLIN: 'Well, there's no question that hydrogen is a valid source of fuel. We know that.'
SEC. ABRAHAM: 'Right.'"

[It's good to know our future has been well-managed by people who really understand energy. Ed.]

Look at us, the Axis of Energy Evil, My View: by Jerry Brown  2002 September 9 

What Americans have learnt - and not learnt - since 9/11 by Noam Chomsky  2002 September 7 

Jeffords leaves GOP  2001 May 23 

Strategic Energy Policy Challenges for the 21St Century. Report of an Independent Task Force Sponsored by the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy of Rice University and the Council on Foreign Relations, Edward L. Morse, Chair, Amy Myers Jaffe, Project Director.  2001 April 10 

George W. Bush on the Next Four Years. What is the connection between energy and politics? Read from Tom Brokawís exclusive interview with president-elect George Bush, excerpted from an interview on MSNBC  2001 January 14 

Tom Brokaw: "You talk a lot about the energy crisis, but youíve talked about it almost exclusively as the need to produce more energy. Thereís been very little talk about conservation. We have been on a buying and consumption binge in this country.

George W. Bush: "Well, I thought ó listen, I believe we need to conserve. I mean, I think we need to have incentives to encourage people to insulate their homes better. I think we need to make sure industry does not, you know, is not wasteful, not question about it.

"But Iím realistic. We canít conserve our independence. I mean, you got an energy problem in California primarily caused by the fact thereís no plants, and thereís not enough to fuel the plants if there were new plants. We need to explore natural gas. I mean we need to be moving U.S. product. And so I think the two go hand in hand.

"I was reading somewhere the other day, where we can get out of this crisis by more wind. Well, you know, thatís an interesting thought, except our technology isnít enough to capture enough wind to be able to make sure our economy continues to grow. And so I strongly believe in conservation. I believe we made great progress in conservation. But I know if we donít find more product weíre going to have a problem.

Making the Transition to Sustainability by Francis de Winter  2000 September 8 

"As is well documented on this ... website, the existing energy establishment has managed to mislead the public on the dependability of future crude oil and natural gas supplies, by distorting the information the public gets ...."

President Clinton Meets With Top Scientists to Discuss Climate Change  1997 July 24 

Deeds Don't Match Words at UN Earth Summit  1997 June 28 

Political Commentaries in or about California

Governor-Elect Arnold Schwarzenegger's Energy Platform  2003 September 

Ivan Hall for Governor of California, less a lesson in politics (there is no possibility that this candidate will win the recall election) and more a call for action in the context of the coming global oil crisis.  2003 September 22 

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