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A Sad Day for EVs

For those of you who hoped the rumors about GM crushing the EV1 were not true, viewers are warned that the graphic nature of the images you are about to see may not suitable for EV enthusiasts.

An anonymous photographer captured these images in December 2003 at GM's Desert Proving Grounds in Mesa, Arizona. Many believe the EV1 to be the most advanced automobile ever produced. General Motors spent over a billion dollars to produce 1000 EV1s during the 1990's and leased them out in California and Arizona as a demonstration program.

In recent years, major automakers and The Bush Administration applied legal pressure to the California Air Resources Board to remove a mandate to sell electric cars in the state. A federal judge in Fresno ruled in 2002 that California could not force automakers to produce electric cars, citing complaints from automakers that electric vehicle technology is not practical and there is no demand. Automakers have long fought the zero emissions standard because, they claim, it effectively requires them to produce thousands of electric cars, which unlike hybrids have limited range and require heavy, expensive batteries.

Around this time, GM and other automakers issued announcements that vehicle leases would not be renewed when they expire. Automakers said that there is no demand for electric cars. Drivers however testified that they love the cars and wish to keep them, and that Detroit never made a serious attempt to sell them.

EV enthusiasts should take heart in the knowledge that these images represent a small number of the total EV1s built. (Also take note the unidentified pickups which appear in the background have also been crushed.)

EV1 customers have been contacting ZAP to inquire about its electric car programs. While ZAP is currently offering low-speed vehicles to U.S. auto dealers, the Company is working to develop freeway capable electric cars as well as other vehicles.


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