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Twenty-six years experience in North Sea, Middle East, Gulf of Mexico, and onshore U.S.A. operations , primarily with a major international oil company in petroleum reservoir engineering and reservoir management; economic evaluations of projects, property trades, and asset sales; corporate planning and world oil reserve estimates.


4/1999 to Present

Advisor to Society Bankhouse Global, Boston, regarding acquisition of equity positions in upstream oil and gas ventures.

7/1998 to Present

Partner with geological consultant and noted author, Dr. Colin Campbell

Ongoing development of conventional oil reserve estimates for the world. Gave presentations on the subject to: (1) the Independent Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) at their annual March 1999 meeting in Amsterdam, (2) a joint conference between the Centre for Global Energy Studies and the Oil & Gas Journal in September, 1999 in Houston Texas, (3) the Canadian Nuclear Society, November, 1999, Ottawa, (4) institutional investors in Montreal, May 2000, Montreal, (5) James Baker World Energy Conference, May 2000, Rice University, Houston, Texas, and (6) Hawaii State Energy Symposium, November 2000, Honolulu.

7/1997 to Present

Malkewicz Hueni Associates, of Golden, Colorado

Performed tax studies and technical studies for the reservoir management and depletion planning of the giant Jay Field (tertiary nitrogen WAG flood), onshore Florida for Burlington Resources and Exxon Company U.S.A.

5/1990 to 6/1997

Exxon Company, U.S.A., New Orleans Producing Organization as a Senior Reservoir Engineer.

Leader/coordinator of a $2 million engineering, geologic, research team to revitalize a mature, major (720 million barrels oil in place) oil field miscible water-alternating-gas flood project, for the carbonate reservoir Jay Field onshore Florida. Team accomplishments: (1) increased remaining reserve outlook 225% (+60 million barrels), (2) increased production to 4-year high, (3) extended economic life of the field by fifteen years, (4) renegotiated nitrogen (solvent) purchase and electrical power contracts for $3.5 million per year savings, (5) increased water injection by 40% to 235 thousand barrels per day and solvent injection by 40% to 90 million cubic feet per day, (6) developed state-of-the art 13.8 million cell stratigraphic geologic model for flood management and input to a new fine-grid 122 thousand block reservoir model under construction, (7) developed fluid geochemistry methodology for determining in situ nitrogen utility, and (8) developed full life economic field model including grass-roots operating expense model and volumes forecasts for planning purposes.

While on the $1.5 billion Mobile Bay Project a deep, sour gas development in the coastal waters off Alabama, I assisted the successful unitization of the Bon Secour Bay field, providing testimony at technical hearings with state regulators. Also, I provided technical evaluations to a successful property trade which consolidated Exxon's interests while improving profitability and project reserves. I also lead the planning for phase-in to operations at production start-up.

I also evaluated South Florida fields to establish sale value. These fields were subsequently sold.

3/1989 to 4/1990

Esso Norge a.s, an Exxon affiliate, Stavanger, Norway as a Senior Analyst in the Corporate Planning Department.

Developed annual Norway oil industry volume forecast.

Developed Brage field and Snorre satellite fields sliding scale fiscal terms strategy and made presentations to the Norwegian government.

Provided economic support for: funding of Statfjord East field development, Balder field extended testing by a production ship, 2% Statpipe pipeline purchase, and potential merger of Exxon's Norwegian assets with another major oil company.

12/1985 to 2/1989

Esso Norge a.s, an Exxon affiliate, Stavanger, Norway as a Senior Development Planning Engineer.

Provided economics for several major field development projects: Balder, Brage, Snorre and Sleipner satellites.

Coordinated engineering aspects of exploration license rounds 11, 12A, 12B, and provided technical and economic evaluations.

Led engineering studies to establish minimum viable reserves for license round applications.

Coordinated company annual planning and budget reporting.

12/1980 to 11/1985

Esso Norge a.s, an Exxon affiliate, Stavanger, Norway as a Senior Reservoir Engineer.

Lead reservoir engineer on the Balder project team. Developed reserve estimate and production forecast with numerical reservoir simulation models. Designed, supervised and analyzed a well test from a semi-submersible drilling rig.

Provided reservoir engineering support for several other field development projects: Brage, Odin and Northeast Frigg.

Presented a paper at the 1984 Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) conference on the Balder Field entitled: "Improved Recovery From Thin Oil Sands".

11/1977 to 11/1980

Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, on loan from Esso Middle East as a Reservoir Engineer.

Provided sole reservoir surveillance of the giant Abqaiq oil field, producing 1 million barrels of oil per day at the time.

Provided technical support to 4 drilling rigs and 5 workover rigs at the same time.

Defined coring and testing programs for the early development of the giant Khurais oil field.

6/1975 to 10/1977

Exxon Company U.S.A., Southeastern Division, Offshore District, New Orleans as a Junior Reservoir Engineer.

Responsible for reservoir surveillance of the Gulf of Mexico West Delta 30 oil and gas fields, including drill wells, workovers and depletion studies.


Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 1975.

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