Wind Energy


Wind Power Map, USASolving the Energy, Climate, and Air-Quality-Health Crises With Wind [ppt, 9 mb] by Mark Jacobson, JP Morganís Fourth Annual Public Power & Gas Conference [2006 May 11]
Sufficient winds are available worldwide to supply all electric power and nonelectric-power energy sources.


UK Intermittency Report, from UKERC [2006 April]
"UKERC today launches a landmark report on renewable energy, specifically on the costs and impacts of intermittency for the UK. The report concerns the costs and impacts of intermittent energy in the UK and is the most comprehensive assessment on intermittency ever undertaken.

Summary Findings

Energy Payback Period for Wind Energy Systems


One of Mitsubishi Power System's 45-meter class wind turbine blades serves as a sign for VienTek, LLC., in Juarez, Mexico. VienTek, which has announced that it is tripling the capacity of its wind blade manufacturing operation, is a joint venture between MPS and Warren, RI-based TPI Composites, Inc.