Ronald Cooke: Oil, Jihad and Destiny
Natural Gas
Global Warming
The Report On Oil Depletion [2006 November 11]
"The Report On Oil Depletion emphasizes the economic and cultural impact of oil depletion. The text has been deliberately oversimplified so that almost anyone who can read English should be able to understand the basic concepts. It starts out with a history of North American oil production and consumption, oil as an energy resource, the importance of depletion, and the difficulty of finding credible data. Chapter 2 includes a collection of forecasts and comments made by other people, including the EIA, IEA, and USGS. Chapter 3 analyzes available reserve data. Chapter 4 presents the basic tools the reader needs in order to understand oil production, consumption, and the economic impact of depletion. Chapter 5 discusses the Best Case scenarios presented by organizations like CERA and ExxonMobil. Chapter 6 details a more likely oil depletion scenario. Chapter 7 puts the impact of oil depletion into perspective. Chapter 8 outlines a set of recommendations we need to pursue if we want to ensure a “soft” landing. Chapter 9 discusses the criteria for evaluating alternative energy solutions. Chapter 10 looks at the role of local government in a “post peak” era. Chapter 11 asks the reader to judge the probable outcome..."
Depletion Has Changed The PR Script [2006 January]
"It's time for the Federal Government to change its energy message. Future PR copy must emphasize the inevitability of the far-reaching transformation that confronts us. We do not need self-serving political posturing or a contemptuous ignorance of legislative responsibility. We do need you to provide us with a candid and honest assessment of America's energy challenges...."
The Energy Policy Act of 2005: Legislative Achievement or Management Fiasco? [2005 September 2]
"[T]he Energy Policy Act of 2005 is a collection of fashionable technology decisions driven by political expediency, rather than the practical disciplines of sound program management. In more than 1700 pages of disjointed and profligate spending, Congress has found a politically beneficial way to funnel $14.5 billion to farmers, energy companies, and an assortment of pop-culture ideas."
Will Social Security Bankrupt America? [2005 July]
"The next 25 years are definitely NOT going to be anything like that last 25 years. And because of this singular fact, every single published estimate of Social Security income and outgo is just plain wrong.

Oil depletion is real. Oil shortages will occur. And they will play havoc with our economy."

Investment 2005: Assessing the Petroleum Factor
"Investing in 2005 is like walking across a minefield...."
Oil, Jihad and Destiny cover Oil, Jihad and Destiny [2004 July 5]
"If we were to list the most important issues facing humanity, oil depletion has to be in the top three. The economic and cultural destiny of mankind is inexorably tied to the availability of oil. It is impossible to address the problems of famine without petroleum for fertilizer, cultivation, food processing and distribution. Oil provides the feedstock for thousands of products, including medicines, plastics, clothing and heating oil. It is the only practical fuel for motor vehicles.

"But the days of surplus oil are coming to an end."

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